Thousands of Unhinged Protesters Surround Ann Coulter’s Speech at UC Berkeley, Assault Attendees, Several Masked Antifa Arrested

Multiple masked protesters were arrested on Wednesday night at Ann Coulter’s event on the campus of UC Berkeley.

Thousands of protesters attempted to block the entrances to the event and several attendees were assaulted by the mob.

Coulter was invited to campus by the Berkeley College Republicans to give a speech titled “Adios, America!”

According to a report from Berkeleyside, at least one person with a ticket to the event was injured. UCPD Chief Margo Bennett said the person “was victimized in the crowd” and transported to the hospital. The police announced after the event that  “six or seven” people had been arrested.

The violent protesters were ultimately unsuccessful at stopping the event at Wheeler Hall however, and roughly 350-400 people made it inside for the speech. Berkleyside reports that approximately 300 tickets had been sold for the event, plus other reservations.


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