Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio Is Running For Congress, Challenging Hillary Clinton Puppet Donna Shalala

Enrique Tarrio, the Chairman of the Proud Boys, has announced that he will be running for congress in Florida’s 27th congressional district in 2020. Tarrio, an Afro-Cuban longtime resident of Miami, called Democrat Donna Shalala a “Hillary Clinton puppet.” Mr. Tarrio’s family fled Fidel Castro’s brutal dictatorship in Communist Cuba decades ago.

Our founders were simple men who wanted a world away from tyranny and away from government interference into our lives. A place to raise their children, watch their families grow and build their businesses. A place to worship freely and speak freely.

Unfortunately, career politicians like Donna Shalala have become obsessed with moving America away from these founding principles and towards a Communist police state that thrives on robbing us our God given freedoms. Shalala is more concerned about being Hillary Clinton’s puppet than serving the needs of District 27.

Tarrio has been censored by every major social media and banking platform for his steadfast commitment to Western values and the America First agenda, as we have reported on extensively at TGP. He was even barred from having accounts with Chase Bank, after years of good standing. Project Veritas exposed his ban from Chase Bank as being “politically motivated.” Under his leadership, Proud Boys have organized successful free speech rallies across the country, leading to the arrest of dozens of violent Antifa members.

You can learn more about his campaign by visiting


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