SHOCKER: Bribery Uncovered as Millions Extorted by the Clinton Foundation Reduced Significantly Since the 2016 Election Loss

Since the 2016 Presidential Election the Pay-to-Play Clinton Foundation has seen it’s donations reduced by nearly 90%.  It’s hard to run a racketeering sham when you don’t have a government or people to bilk.

President Trump knew the Clintons were criminals when he was a candidate.  They stole from Americans and took bribes for political favors from anyone anywhere.  They gave cover to criminals in the US and outside the US for a few million dollars.  They hung with characters like George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta.  They were not good people.

One of candidate Trump’s greatest speeches covered this in an almost poetic manner before the 2016 election –

Today, thanks to President Trump the Clinton Foundation is no longer the racketeering enterprise that it once was.  They are limited because they have nothing more to offer and their ‘donations’ have decreased by 90% –

According to their tax filing for 2018, the Clinton Foundation employed 377 and incurred $29 million in salary expenses alone.  The Foundation had assets worth $300 million at the end of the year.  It’s unclear how these assets will be used or by whom.  It’s unclear why they are needed.  The Board consists of Bruce Lindsey, Chelsea Clinton, Cheryl Mills and others.

Charles Ortel has researched the corrupt Clinton Foundation for years.  Ortel also comments on Sundays at Crowdsourcethetruth YouTube channel.

We will know we have a legal system when the Clinton Foundation is fully investigated and brought to justice.  Until then, our legal system is a charade.

Hat tip D. Manny

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