Former Trump Appointee, Veteran and Political Commentator Carl Higbie’s Car Vandalized With Swastika

Former Trump administration appointee, Navy SEAL veteran and political commentator Carl Higbie’s car has been vandalized for a fourth time in Greenwich, Connecticut — this time with a swastika.

The vandal keyed the swastika into Higbie’s new red Ford F250 pickup truck on Monday, likely because the truck has stickers that say “I Am Not a Liberal” and “TRUMP” on the back.

“I went to the gym in Greenwich on Monday morning and when I came out there was a swastika keyed on my the side of my car,” Higbie told the Gateway Pundit. “If it had been there before I got there I would have noticed it because I am meticulous about my car. I walk around and check it out every time I get in and out. It’s my prized possession.”

Higbie said that when he saw the swastika he immediately called the gym and asked them to pull the security footage, which they are doing, but have to go through corporate procedures before they can release it to him. He also called the police department and filed a report.


“It appears that there may be a camera that was focused on the area where my truck was. My goal is to get this guy or girl’s face all over the place to serve as a lesson to people that you can’t do this stuff,” Higbie said.

This week’s incident is the fourth attack on the vehicle over his pro-Trump stickers, according to Higbie. In one incident, someone threw a milkshake at his truck.

“Someone threw a milkshake at the Trump sticker on the back of my truck. They probably didn’t do it because it was me, they did it because of the Trump sticker. I will fix my vehicle a thousand times before I will take the stickers off,” Higbie said.

Higbie said that a lot of Trump supporters have been asking him why he is “making himself a target” and doesn’t just keep his head down — to which he responds that he will always stand up for what he believes in. Higbie even runs a company called that sells political merchandise so that others can do the same.

“I’m standing up for what I believe in. There’s no dollar value on that. If they do it again, I will fix it again. I will go out of my way to stand up for my beliefs. It is the unhinged left that needs to be tamed,” Higbie said. “These people are nuts. They’re totally nuts. I get death threats all the time, and people shouting at me from across the street or on social media. The caliber of people that oppose this president are the reason why good law-abiding citizens like myself want to retain our right to defend ourselves. These people have even threatened my children, but they will never say anything to my face. I will debate anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any issue — because I know that my beliefs win.”

The political commentator added that only one person had ever confronted him to his face.

“I had one person, one time, engage me. I told that person that I encourage civility, debate and the free exchange of ideas. But, if you encourage hostility, I would like to remind you that I was in the business of hostility for a decade as a Seal — and that person walked away,” Higbie said.

Greenwich Police Lieutenant John Slusarz told the Greenwich Free Press that if the vandal is caught they will likely be charged with Criminal Mischief, depending on the cost to repair the damage.

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