Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Husband, Who is Accused of Tax Fraud, is on the Registry of Many Properties Including ‘Lucky Tax Services’


Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s current husband Ahmed Hirsi (not her brother-husband) is on the registry of multiple properties in Minnesota, including her campaign headquarters, a tobacco shop and a tax services company named ‘Lucky Tax Services’, to name a few!

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose father was a top propagandist of the genocidal Barre regime in Somalia before it was overthrown, was allegedly married to two men at once including her brother.  Omar and her father allegedly immigrated into the US by changing their names and identities.  She then married her brother in the UK in an attempt to have him immigrate into the US.  Omar’s actions in marrying her brother are being recommended for investigation to the House Ethics Committee.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is accused of potential immigration, marriage, tax and student loan fraud.

But even though Omar in 2016 was married to her brother, she took a trip to Africa with her husband who wasn’t her brother.


What was being reported in 2016 was that Omar was with her husband who was not her brother who she claimed to be married to at the time. We suspect this is why the editor of a Somali news article deleted all of the images from the article and removed them from the publishers server.

Here is a close up of one picture from the article being covered up –

The article was incorrect. The man in the picture above was Ahmed Hirsi, the man who she is married to now. Ahmed Elmi is her brother below who she claimed to be married to at that time.

When looking into more ties between Omar and her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, we identified the following – Ahmed Hirsi is on the registry of numerous properties which include a tobacco shop and a tax company named ‘Lucky Tax Services’.

Below is a picture of some of the properties where Hirsi is on the registry –

These properties appear suspicious knowing that Omar is accused of tax fraud. 

The fact that her husband Ahmed Hirsi is on the registry of these companies, including ‘Lucky Tax Services’, is puzzling.  Were Omar’s taxes prepared by a property with connections to her current husband and were they legit?


Rep. Omar’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, sure has a lot of questionable properties.  The fact that he is tied to a tax service company by the name of ‘Lucky Tax Services’ is ironic considering she has been accused of tax fraud.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum

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