Rep. Omar’s Last Trip to Africa Is Being Covered Up Because She Wasn’t Accompanied by Her Then Husband-Brother, She Was Accompanied by Her First Husband

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted that House Speaker Pelosi accompanied her in Africa this past week.  However, Omar’s visit to Africa in December 2016 is being covered up – it might be because on that trip Omar was accompanied by her husband who wasn’t her brother who she was married to at the time!

Time reported in a one sided far left post today that –

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar responded Thursday to “send her back” chants that erupted at one of President Donald Trump’s rallies by posting a photo of herself and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a visit to Africa.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker [Pelosi] didn’t just make arrangement to send me back, she went back with me,” Omar wrote in her Instagram and Twitter posts.

Time accused the President of being racist, going along with the Democrat’s slanderous lines against America’s President, Donald J. Trump.

Here is Omar’s tweet –

Another tweet showed Omar with her typical lack of respect for the House Speaker, by carrying on a discussion and looking away from the camera when the photo was taken –

But the most shocking irony of all is who accompanied Omar on her last trip to Africa.

In December 2016 Omar took a trip to Africa.  At that time Omar, whose father was a top propagandist of the genocidal Barre regime in Somalia before it was overthrown, was married to her brother.  But even though Omar in 2016 was married to her brother, she was on the trip to Africa with her husband who wasn’t her brother.

Omar’s actions in marrying her brother are being recommended for investigation to the House Ethics Committee.  She is accused of potential immigration, marriage, tax and student loan fraud

What was being reported in 2016 was that Omar was with her husband who was not her brother who she claimed to be married to at the time.  Is this why the editor of the Somali news article deleted all of the images from the article and the server?

The Mugadisu Radio Dalsan article was about Ilhan Omar’s 2016 visit to to Somalia and her meeting with the Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Her husband is identified as Ahmed Elmi but in fact it is Ahmed Hirsi.  At the time Omar was legally married to her brother and not Hirsi.  As can be seen in the image, the author of the article stripped the images from the page.

The Mugadisu Radio Dalsan 2016 article is available below with some of the recovered images showing that the person accompanying Ilhan Omar was in fact Ahmed
Hirsi traveling under the name Ahmed Elmi (she finally divorced Ahmed Elmi in 2017).

Here is a close up of the first pic –

But the article is incorrect.  The man in the picture above was Ahmed Hirsi, the man who she is married to now.  Ahmed Elmi is her brother below who she claimed to be married to at that time.

Rep. Omar’s was not accompanied by her husband Ahmed Elmi, who is her brother, on her trip to Africa in 2016.   She was accompanied by Ahmed Hirsi who is her current husband.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum

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