10-Year-Old Drag Queen To Perform At “Family Friendly” All Ages Pride Event

The left’s obsession with exploiting children for sexual fantasies comes to Portland (of course), as yet another drag kid is trotted out to strut his stuff. 10-year-old ‘Sparkle Lynn More’ is one of the guest performers at an all ages, family friendly pride event Friday evening. While most of these drag kid events tend to take place in front of adult audiences, this one is targeted at young children, and it will also feature adult performers. It takes place at the not-at-all-suspiciously-named Friendly House.

But this isn’t Sparkle More’s first foray into performing in drag. He recently appeared at a fundraiser for the ACLU. which featured a man marrying a boyfriend made out of boxed wine boxes. Sparkle also appeared in drag on stage as part of a play by Martha Wainwright.

Evidently one of Sparkle’s co-performers is a drag clown kid?

Here are a few highlights from his instagram page, @lovesparklemore, which feature him with several adult drag performers and fellow drag kid, Queen Lactatia:

Last fall, ‘Sparkle Lynn More’ and his mother, Michelle Porter, sat down with someone named Svetlana Trantastic for an extended interview. Porter says that Sparkle was inspired by watching Drag Race on TV and they went to an all ages drag show at Darcelle’s, and soon started putting on his own performances and making friends with people in the Portland drag community. Porter says “It’s far more dangerous to not support him” and says it’d be damaging to sway Sparkle away from the drag life. Ironically, Porter says of her critics “You let a boy put a dress on, and immediately people want to sexualize it. That’s where our society’s brain goes, when really, there’s nothing sexual about a 10 year old in a dress.”

The video also features Sparkle prancing around in a small pool while wearing a mermaid outfit, with Svetlana lounging in a hammock.


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