Child Abuse? 10-Year-old Boy Dressed in ‘Drag’ Photographed With Nude Adult Male ‘Drag Queen’

Queen Lactatia at Drag Con 2017, screen image via YouTube

Last week, a 10-year-old boy dressed in drag was photographed with a naked adult male ‘drag queen.’

A 10-year-old Canadian boy, Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden who goes by the stage name ‘Queen Lactatia’ was featured in an appalling piece in Huck Magazine titled, ‘Queen Lactatia: What Life is Like as a Child Drag Queen.’

The child was photographed in several different dresses and wigs with a full face of dramatic makeup on — one photograph didn’t make Huck Magazine, but it made its way to Instagram.

The photographer, Jonathan Frederick Turton, posted a photograph of Nemis, a prepubescent boy, posing with a nude adult male drag queen named ‘Violet Chachki’ to his Instagram account.

Violet Chachki is a male ‘drag queen’ and winner of Season 7 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The Instagram post has since been deleted, however, the child is seen dressed in drag standing next to Violet Chachki, an adult male with a tiny piece of cloth covering his genitals. (screenshot below)

In a follow up Instagram post, the photographer complained that Instagram took down his shocking photograph of a child posing with a naked man.

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So instagram took down my photo of the drag kid I interviewed for @huckmagazine. I’m posting another one because although- on reflection- I realize that the particular photo I posted with the older drag queen was distasteful for many, I 100% stand by the article. It was a balanced piece about the subject, which ironically probed the issue of sexualizing children. I’d urge anyone to actually read the article before passing judgement. Often my job is to report upon people and groups living on the margins of society. I received a lot of threatening messages last night and some serious abuse- probably from someone called Hank in Iowa- which doesn’t bother me too much tbh, but makes you aware of the potential dangers that come with this kind of work. I’m not after sympathy, further controversy or applause- I just wish people were a bit more understanding of each other’s differences, and the duty of the journalist to explore- what are for some people- uncomfortable subjects. @queenlactatia

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“He’s just a kid playing,” says Queen Lactatia’s mother as she defends her decision to allow her 10-year-old son to wear dresses, makeup and wigs. However, in her interview with Huck Magazine, she also admits “drag is an adult arena.”

“Drag is an adult arena and that’s where people question our judgement,” concedes Jessica. “So we have to censor things. He knows there are adult aspects of drag that he’s not allowed to apply to his show.”

“We would never try to overtly sexualise our child. But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking? It’s a circular problem.”

Little boys dressed in drag is becoming a disturbing trend.

Last month, the mainstream media received a huge backlash for promoting an 11-year-old “drag kid” as the ‘future of America.’

11-year-old Desmond Napoles, who goes by the stage name, “Desmond is Amazing,” is a prepubescent boy who performs drag and participates in various LGBT rallies.

“Desmond is Amazing,” was also dancing at “3 Dollar Bill,” a queer nightclub in Brooklyn, New York — people were throwing dollar bills at the child as he performed on stage.

Desmond posted the photos to his Instagram page where he has over 100,000 followers.

Desmond dressed up as Gwen Stefani and performed “I’m Just a Girl,” as people gave him dollar bills:

In all of these cases, the mothers happily push the drag lifestyle onto their sons at an early age and accuse critics who say the children are being exploited and sexualized of being ‘perverts.’

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