Google Electioneering: YouTube is Now Labeling Benign Tommy Robinson Campaign Videos as “Inappropriate or Offensive”

The tech giants are no longer trying to hide how they tip the scales in political races.

In November 2018 The Guardian reported on  group of Google employees who published an open letter calling on their employer to cancel its plans to build a censored search engine for China.

The Google employees were very upset that Google’s Project Dragonfly would allow the Chinese government to blacklist certain search terms.  The employees said,  “Many of us accepted employment at Google with the company’s values in mind…  After a year of disappointments … we no longer believe this is the case.”

Just months later it is now obvious that Google, Facebook and Twitter are all using their own blacklists to censor and shadow-ban prominent conservatives, their supporters and anyone Google deems “inappropriate or offensive.”

UK nationalist and anti-radical Islam activist Tommy Robinson is running for office in Great Britain.

Over the weekend unhinged “protesters” with the Muslim Defence League attacked Tommy Robinson and his supporters with bricks, bottles and eggs during a campaign event in Oldham on Saturday.

The violent attack was captured on video by multiple people — and livestreamed on Facebook by the MDL themselves. The UK police escorted the rioters to the rally.

And now as many people have feared — Google is openly working to see that Tommy Robinson is defeated.

Google YouTube posted a warning on Tommy Robinson’s latest campaign video. When you play the video you first have to give pass through a Google warning page.

Of course, the video contains NOTHING that is offensive! NOTHING!

So is Google saving this data too?
If you click through the warning are you also put on a Google blacklist?
Would anyone at this point put it past them?

This is Google electioneering.

Ed Martin, President, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, spoke about this tech election interference yesterday on his radio show.

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