THEY WANT HIM DEAD: UK Police Stand and Watch as Leftists and Muslims Hurl Rocks and Eggs at Tommy Robinson Rally (VIDEO)

As reported earlier today by Cassandra Fairbanks

Unhinged “protesters” with the Muslim Defence League attacked Tommy Robinson and his supporters with bricks, bottles and eggs during a campaign event in Oldham on Saturday.

The violent attack was captured on video by multiple people — and livestreamed on Facebook by the MDL themselves.

Robinson is running as an Independent in the European Parliamentary election. He is an outspoken critic of Islam and has vowed to donate his salary to help victims of grooming gangs if he is elected.

The MDL had heard about his campaign event and encouraged their supporters to attend and throw milkshakes at the candidate.

They handed out eggs to hurl at the Robinson rally.

Rebel Media reporter Jessica Swietoniowski tweeted that she was hit with an egg and a rock.

Now this…

UK police stood there, walked around and watched as the leftists and Muslims hurled rocks at Tommy Robinson and his supporters.

The police behavior is shocking!

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