Right-Wing Street Artists Take Aim at CNN With a Billboard Across From Their Hollywood Studio

A group of anonymous right-wing street artists called “The Faction” took aim at CNN last week in a billboard across from the network’s Hollywood Studio.

The billboard calls the network the “Communist News Network” and mocks their coverage of North Korea.

The fake billboard reads, “Keep Korea divided*” with a footnote below that : “Because OrangeManBad.” The billboard attributes the sentiments to the “Communist News Network” and Jeff Zucker “CEO of CNNNPC”, referring to the “non-player character” meme that ridicules liberals for robotically repeating anti-Trump rhetoric.

The billboard was previously being used to advertise a marijuana dispensary.

In a statement sent to the Gateway Pundit the artists declared that the activists at CNN were trying to “torpedo” the summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

“Jeff Zucker and his journo-activists are more than happy to try to torpedo the Trump/Jong Un summit, the future of the long-suffering North and South Korean people be damned. It’s one thing to believe ‘OrangeManBad’ and beclown your network for all time, but to do so with the fate of millions of people hanging in the balance is immoral,” the artist’s statement said. “CNN and their ilk are truly ‘the enemy of the people’, not just in America, but across the world.”
The Faction previously took aim at HBO stars Bill Maher and John Oliver by also taking over their billboards.


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