VIDEO: John Oliver Billboard Hijacked in Los Angeles, Hit With ‘Orange Man Bad’ NPC Meme Street Art

A John Oliver billboard in Los Angeles has been hit with street art turning the image into an NPC ‘Orange Man Bad’ meme.

The latest street art is the second HBO billboard to be targeted by right-wing street artist “The Faction” in less than a month. Earlier this month they targeted a advertising Real Time with Bill Maher.

The billboard advertising Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on the corner of La Cienega Boulevard and Pico Boulevard now reads: “The Orange Man Bad Show with John Oliver.” It features the comedian peeking over the side as a non-playable character — or NPC.

The Faction confirmed to Gateway Pundit that the art is theirs.

Earlier this month, The Faction also made Maher into an NPC. The caption was also changed to “the whole narrative and nothing but.”

When asked about the billboard campaign, the Faction sent TGP this statement (provided in full):

“The recent rains in LA washed away the top layer of this billboard, revealing the truth underneath — that John Oliver is an NPC programmed by his masters to bash Trump.

Like Bill Maher, Cryin’ Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert and Trevor ‘Token’ Noah, John Oliver is just one of the spigots used to spew the flood of anti-Trump hatred that HBO, Netflix, NBC, ABC, CBS and their armies of sniveling soy-boy writers are overflowing with.

Oliver is the same Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer as Maher and his commiepatriots, but with an English accent. That’s no problem for the clapping seals in his audience. They are thought-slaves who also believe that there was a discernible difference between the two parties and that Hillary was somehow going to have different policies than Jeb(!). They can’t stand that Trump’s victory revealed that Coke and Pepsi were, in fact, the same garbage.

We hear that David Spade is entering the late night arena. If he makes only ninety percent anti-Trump jokes per episode instead of the requisite one hundred percent dictated by the pedophiles and rapists at the tippy-top of the Hollywood trash-pile, he will be a breakout hit. But given that actors are only capable of pretending to be brave in movies and tv shows in which their actual safety is guaranteed by stunt men, he may have trouble getting guests if he’s deemed too patriotic and pro-Trump.”

Right-wing street artist Sabo also hit the streets of Los Angeles this week, taking aim at Jussie Smollett in an impressive new poster campaign.

The Faction told The Gateway Pundit that the campaigns weren’t planned to coincide and were just a coincidence.

One of the posters from Sabo features Smollett in a Make America Great Again hat and the words “this is MAGA country” behind him.

“For your consideration — Jussie Smollett for best actor in a drama,” the poster reads — along with the title “BlacKKKlansman.”

Other posters also took aim at Democratic Governor Ralph Northam along with Smollett.


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