Reports: No New Indictments From Mueller: “It’s Over”

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Special Counsel Bob Mueller has no new indictments, leading one reporter following the Mueller investigation to declare, “It’s over.”

NBC News reporter Tom Winter, “NBC News: Multiple senior U.S. law enforcement officials say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office will not be bringing forth any further indictments…Folks, it is entirely possible that information and evidence uncovered by the Special Counsel could be used in investigations by other U.S. Attorney’s Offices. But there’s no hidden or sealed Mueller brought indictment that is yet to be uncovered. It’s over.”

Los Angeles Times reporter Del Quentin Wilbur, “Breaking: Mueller is not recommending any further indictments, says a Sr. Justice Department official.”

The AP’s Zeke Miller, “AP Source: Special counsel Robert Mueller is not recommending any further indictments in the Russia probe.”

NBC News reporter Pete Williams provided analysis:

Williams expressed speculation that Mueller declined to indict President Trump because of Justice Department guidelines that state a president cannot be  indicted.

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