Far-Left Activist Films Herself Harassing Elderly Man in a MAGA Hat While Shopping at the Thrift Store

A far-left anti-ICE activist has protected her Twitter account after she filmed herself harassing an elderly man in a Make America Great Again hat at a thrift store.

The wannabe photographer tweeted that if he was “brave enough to wear it out, I’m brave enough to call you out.”

In the hard-to-watch video, Abib L. Ascencio films herself harassing the man as he is trying to shop.

Ascencio set her Twitter account to private after receiving backlash for her harassment, but the Gateway Pundit was able to record the tweet in a screen grab.


“Look at what this man is wearing at the thrift store,” the activist remarks as she sticks the camera in his face. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you poor human.”

The man repeatedly attempts to block the camera and ignore her as she continues to berate him.

Ascencio followed up by tweeting that he “was Cuban by the way,” for whatever reason.

Comedian and political commentator Tim Young put the woman on blast — with a check list of what was going to happen in response to her vile tweet.

Young wrote:

“How this will go:

Step 1 – Tweets video harassing an innocent elderly man in MAGA Hat to try to get attention

Step 2 – Gets ratio’ed

Step 3 – Claims to be a victim because of “Twitter harassment” to try to get attention.”

At the time of her setting her account to private, Ascencio’s tweet was already in the process of being ratio’d with just over 700 retweets and 2,500 (mostly angry) responses. She was also already claiming that someone is attempting to “hack” her and that she is getting hate emails.

Looks like Young’s prediction was correct.

Earlier this week, a man and his wife had a gun pulled on them for wearing MAGA hats while shopping at Sam’s Club in Kentucky. The mainstream media was silent on the incident.

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