INTERVIEW: Man Who Faced Down Gun-Wielding Liberal Over MAGA Hats Recounts His Story

A Tennessee man was arrested on Saturday after pulling a gun on a couple over the fact that they were wearing a Make America Great Again hats.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to the victim, Terry Pierce, about what happened.

Pierce and his wife Cherrie were wearing MAGA hats at a Sam’s Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when James Phillips flipped them off. He did not know the couple, but was offended by their support of the president — which he confirmed to police.

“My wife and I were shopping at Sam’s Club and on our way to the front of the store to check out when James Phillips approached us and flipped us off. I didn’t see the flip until my wife asked ‘did that man just flip us off.’ I turned around and saw his hand with his finger still up, going down,” Pierce explained. “My wife asked him if he flipped us off, when he said (with expletives) he did because of the hats.”

Pierce explained that at this point he confronted him and asked him again if he had just flipped them off. Phillips repeated that he did — while cussing and complaining about the hats.

“So I double flipped him off and said ‘it goes both ways buddy,'” Pierce told The Gateway Pundit.

At this point, Pierce says that Phillips pulled a loaded .40 caliber pistol, stuck it in his face, and said “this is a good day for you to die.”

“I told him to pull the trigger or put the gun down and fight me like a man — and he repeated ‘it’s a good day for you to die’. I repeated ‘pull the trigger or put the gun down and fight me like a man’. We had a very intense verbal interaction with each other and he started backing away,” Pierce explained.

James Phillips

As Phillips was leaving the store, Sam’s management came up and asked Pierce if Phillips had just pulled a gun on him. They immediately notified the police.

Pierce told management that he was going outside after the man — and the store employees told him that he couldn’t do that.

‘I said ‘I can and I am!'” Pierce explained. “Me and my wife started looking for him and she saw him exit the front of the store.”

Not wanting Phillips to get away without being able to identify him, Pierce ran out into the parking lot and took a photo of his license plate. It turns out that he wasn’t leaving, as he was waiting for his elderly mother to come out of the store.

 “We got into another heated argument. That’s when the police arrived and took over the situation,” Pierce said.

Phillips told police that Pierce had assaulted him — but the police report notes that they confirmed he had not touched him through the store’s surveillance footage.

The police report also confirms that Phillips was armed with a Glock .40 caliber with a round chambered and two additional magazines. He reportedly has a concealed carry permit in Tennessee.

Multiple witnesses confirmed to police that they saw Phillips pull the gun — though whether or not he had a weapon could not be seen in surveillance footage due to the angle.

“I have every right to support my country and my president — and I proudly wear this hat as a symbol of trying to help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I’m not ashamed or afraid to wear this hat. I’m not a racist, xenophobe, sexist, or anything the left accuses our President of — which he isn’t,” Pierce told TGP.

Phillips is currently being detained in the Warren County Regional Jail and is charged with wanton endangerment first degree.

Pierce and his wife will continue proudly wearing their MAGA hats.


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