EXCLUSIVE: German MP Petr Bystron Responds to Refugee Stabbing Pregnant Woman and Killing Her Unborn Baby at Hospital in Germany, ‘Illegal Immigration is Not Mercy — It is Murder’

A pregnant Polish woman at a hospital in Germany was stabbed in the stomach by an Afghan asylum-seeker during a hospital stay on Friday — the unborn baby did not survive.

The murder and attempted murder took place at a hospital in the western German town of Bad Kreuznach. The woman and the asylum-seeker had got into an argument when he pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed her in the stomach.

German MP Petr Bystron

The Gateway Pundit spoke to German Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Petr Bystron about the murder. He stated that “illegal immigration is not mercy – it is murder.”

“While the radical Left in the USA wants to persuade you that illegal immigrants are no more criminal than legal ones, or than normal citizens, we here in Germany have been experiencing what mass illegal immigration means since 2015: Violence against women, against children, against Jews, against gays,” Bystron said. “The simple fact is: if you are willing to break a country’s laws to get in, you are probably willing to break them again once you are in – with horrible, tragic consequences for the most vulnerable members of society. Illegal immigration is not mercy – it is murder.”

Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński also responded to the news by telling the Gateway Pundit that “it’s time for Europe to fight for it’s life.” He added that “they will kill us all, one by one.”

Police said the man was a 25-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, who had come to the hospital to visit the woman, DW reports.

The woman sustained life-threatening injuries and was immediately taken in for emergency surgery. She survived and is now in stable condition, but the baby did not.

The man, whose identity has not been made public, initially fled the hospital, but turned himself into the police at a station in Bad Kreuznach. He remains in custody and has been charged with murder and attempted murder.


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