Afghan Refugee Repeatedly Stabs 25-Year-Old Pregnant Woman – Baby Is Killed in Womb

An Afghan refugee stabbed a 25-year-old pregnant Polish woman in West Germany on Friday night.

The baby was killed after multiple stabbings.

NewsBeezer reported:

On Friday, January 11, everything happened in Bad Kreuznach in West Germany. A 25-year-old pregnant Pole was attacked by a 25-year-old Afghan. The man visited her at the hospital. During the conversation, a quarrel broke out between them, according to which the attacker attacked a woman with a knife.

She was seriously injured and immediately hit the operating table. Her unborn child who could not be saved suffered the most damage. The condition of the woman is assessed by the doctors as stable.

The Afghan fled initially from the hospital, but after a while at the station in Bad Kreuznach he gave himself to the police. He is currently in custody and charged with attempted murder and murder.

It is not yet known if the Polish and Afghan groups had something in common. –

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