BREAKING: Hazmat Team Investigating “Suspicious Letter” Sent to Senator Susan Collins’ Home in Maine

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Revenge for her support for Brett Kavanaugh?

On Monday, a local hazmat team investigated a suspicious letter sent to the home of Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).

The FBI is aware and the investigation is ongoing.

Via Fox News reporter Brooke Singman: Bangor Police Dept, Fire Dept, local hazmat team is investigating a suspicious letter at the home of @SenatorCollins in Maine. FBI is aware. Bangor PD is leading the investigation. Criminal Investigation Division is on the scene. Investigation is ongoing.

Senator Susan Collins spox said Collins is on her way home and her husband is now at the house.

Senator Susan Collins recently made headlines after she gave a historical 45-minute speech from the Senate floor before announcing she would vote yes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Collins said his opponents have missed the mark on Judge Kavanaugh.
The Maine senator then proceeded to praise Judge Kavanaugh on his previous decisions.

The intolerant left-wing mob immediately came out and attacked Susan Collins; the Women’s March called her a “rape apologist.”

Other left-wing bloggers and agitators said Susan Collins should never have a moment of peace again.

Update: Statement from Senator Susan Collins:

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