“Rape Apologist” Liberals Melt Down Over Susan Collins’ Blockbuster Speech on Kavanaugh

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) delivered a blockbuster 45-minute speech from the Senate floor on Friday afternoon before finally announcing she is a YES on Kavanaugh.

Collins spoke about several of Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions during his impressive career as a judge.

Collins said his opponents have missed the mark on Judge Kavanaugh.
The Maine senator then proceeded to praise Judge Kavanaugh on his previous decisions.

With Senators Joe Manchin and Jeff Flake voting yes to confirm Kavanaugh, it looks like he is a lock.

Let’s check in with the liberals to see how they are taking the news.

Kathy Griffin looks like she’s handling it well:

Radical left-wing blogger Bill Palmer said (in a since deleted tweet) Susan Collins’ just threw away her ability to ever set foot in public again–Is that a threat? What did he mean by that?

And this…

Left-wing agitator Kat Calvin issued a thinly veiled threat to Susan Collins.

Creepy Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti melted down.

Hillary’s foreign policy spox accused Susan Collins of eviscerating victims of sexual assault.


Women’s March called Susan Collins a “rape apologist.”

There is zero evidence to support Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist, but when have facts ever mattered to the left?

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