911 Calls Released From I.C.E. Employee Who Tried To Report Attacks By Antifa In Portland

During the 6 week long siege of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, there were several times when unhinged protesters began threatening the employees who work in the building. You may recall one instance where the tolerant, far left lunatics spouted racial epithets at a black ICE employee. Since the bulk of the protest took place on city property, they were technically outside the jurisdiction of DHS/”Federal Protective Services,” so the employees had to call 911 and rely on local Portland police for protection.

Except Mayor Ted Wheeler directed the police to stand down and let the protesters have free reign.

Several ICE and DHS employees are now suing the city, citing a violation of 14th Amendment “equal protection under the law,” as police officers refused to render aid to the callers.

A series of phone calls that one DHS/ICE employee made to 911 have now been made public. And you won’t believe how the guy was treated. His name has been censored, but he has a noticeable accent. He called 911 when protesters had surrounded his car as he was trying to leave work to pick up his daughter.

After getting the location of the caller, the naive (or idiotic) dispatcher seems to have no clue that a giant protest has been taking place for weeks in the area, and seems confused about the whole situation, thinking that the ICE building is the IDA building (?). The guy explains that he’s trying to leave to pick up his daughter, and the dispatcher is asking why the protesters are surrounding him in his car.

“Can you have the officers to hurry up, because they’re telling me they’re going to kill me” the guy explains to dispatch. “I think one of the gentleman has a knife in his waist…. He showed it to me and he’s telling me he’s going to kill me,” he says, before giving a description of the guy. The dispatcher pretty much tells the caller to hang out and do nothing.

The same guy places a second call 7 minutes later, and he explains that he’s trapped and the protesters are trying to flatten his tires. The dispatcher again seems to not be aware of the giant protest taking place, and explains to the guy that the police “are already on their way, and have been for a while.” She then advises the guy to call wherever his daughter is and tell them he will be late picking her up.

Yes, this is for real. Not a sarcastic skit.

The guy then says he’s been trying to call 911 for 45 minutes before he finally got through. The dispatcher then gets snooty and starts demanding to know where the guy’s daughter is. Understandably frustrated, the guy apparently hangs up.

Then he calls back 9 minutes later, saying they’re trying to do something to his car, as he looks at them through his rear video camera. “It’s getting worse and worse,” he says. “I feel like my life is in danger. I need somebody to come out here fast.”

The dispatcher explains that the police are near by and that they are in fear of their own personal safety.

You can hear the crowd screaming and yelling in the background.

The guy was eventually make it out of the mob on his own.

Demetrius Cooper, curator of the Airliner World And More channel on YouTube, has published the audio from the calls:

It’s a good thing he didn’t try to defend himself against the unhinged mob, otherwise the police would have rushed in to arrest him, and he would have been the one up on multiple charges, as was the case when video journalist Michael Strickland was attacked at a protest and drew his gun in self defense, only to be eventually found guilty of 21 counts.


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