Horror! Yazidi Girl Kidnapped and Enslaved by ISIS – Escapes to Germany and Sees Her Abuser on the Street (VIDEO)

In 2015 ISIS held a Ramadan Quran contest.
The winners were awarded with their own Yazidi slave girls.

isis slaves yazidi
ISIS gave away sex slaves in its Quran competition during Ramadan: Yazidi slaves

The Islamic State was reportedly selling Yazidi slave girls on smartphone apps.

Recently in Germany “Ashwaq” spoke with reporters to tell her story.


Ashwaq thought she would be safe in Germany.
She was wrong.

Ashwaq was kidnapped by ISIS in 2014 when the terrorist group attacked Kurdistan-Iraq.

When Ashwaq fled to Germany she saw the man who sold her as a sex slave. The man confronted her on the street and asked her if she was Ashwaq. She told him, “No, I don’t know an Ashwaq. I don’t know you.” The man responded, “Yes, I know you and you know me. And I know how long you’ve been living here.” She said she was so scared she could hardly talk. He said, “Yes I am Abu Humam and you are Ashwaq.” He then told her, “I know that you live with your mother and your brother.” And he repeated her address.

Ashwaq says many Yazidi women have seen their Islamic State abusers on the street in Germany.

Ashwaq then thanked Germany. She says she’s been in school now and is learning so much.
Good Lord!

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