ISIS Holds Ramadan Quran Contest – Gives Away Young Yazidi Sex Slaves as Prizes

ISIS recently held a Ramadan Quran contest.
The winners were awarded with their own Yazidi girls.

isis slaves yazidi
What ISIS gives away for free as first prices for a Quran competition during Ramadan: Yazidi slaves

The Jewish Press reported:

Terrorists from Da’esh (ISIS) have come up with a new way to pump up enthusiasm in the ranks.

A Qur’an (Koran) Contest offers a “beautiful young girl” to tempt group members to compete for the top three grand prizes, “or at least a few hundred dollars” to be awarded as seven consolation prizes.

The beautiful young girls and teenagers are prisoners that are being held as sex slaves by Islamic State.

ramadan koran quran contest
This Qur’an Competition for Ramadan 1436 / 2015 to Ramadan 1437 / 2016, held to “inspire” ISIS fighters, offers a “beautiful young girl” as the Grand Prize for the top winner.

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