Awesome! When Unhinged Leftist Interrupts Mike Pompeo’s Speech to Iranian-Americans — The Crowd Stands Up and Chants “USA! USA!…” (VIDEO)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been very busy these days.

Just this week Pompeo defended President Trump and Russian relations to Congress, he’s defended religious freedom and last weekend he spoke with several hundred US-Iranian activists in California.

During his speech to the Iranian-Americans an unhinged leftist stood up and started screaming about immigration.

The Iranian-Americans would have none of it.

The Iranian activists stood up and started chanting “USA! USA! USA!…”

This was incredible!
Video via Banafsheh Zand.

According to Banafsheh: The unidentified African-American woman who was escorted out of the event jumped up and began to scream about the immigration issue of children and parent separation, etc. But failed to realize or seem to care that the event was about immigrants.

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