VIDEO: Abolish ICE Thug Assaults Female Local Reporter For Filming Protest

An Oregon-based reporter for KGU was physically assaulted by a Portland open-borders activist who was attempting to force her to stop covering the event.

The mob of protesters were upset that KGU reporter Maggie Vespa was filming a family that was going into an appointment at the ICE office. As Vespa noted on social media, faces can be blurred and not all footage is always used.

One protester, who was also caught on camera attacking another reporter for her appearance, screamed into a megaphone in the reporters face while attempting to block her from filming. As the verbal assault took place, another protester shoved her from behind.

Vespa described the militant group of protesters as “frightening in that moment.”

As we reported earlier on Friday, Portland open-borders protesters also berated a young female KATU reporter over her appearance until the abuse became so over the top that she was forced off air.

“Tacky-a** heels, those are ugly as f***…make your face look a little more appealing,” a protester, who looked like she hadn’t showered in a week, yelled at the reporter while she was on-air.

The leftist abusers hurled sexist insults at the reporter while claiming that the station had reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not be abolished.

In a post on Facebook about the verbal abuse, the reporter, Genevieve Reaume wrote “instances similar to this forced me off the air this morning. They prevented me from fully doing my job, reporting the facts and giving our community a complete picture of what was happening.”

“Our job is to tell both sides. Just because you don’t agree with a side doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” Reaume wrote.

The Portland activists had set up an encampment outside the ICE offices for over a week to demand open borders and that the agency be abolished. The occupation was finally raided by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday — though the protesters remain.

The building had been closed since June 20 due to the threat from the protesters.


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