VIDEO: Far-Left Bums Berate Female Reporter Over Her Appearance, Force Her Off Air During ICE Protest Coverage

Portland open-borders protesters berated a young female KATU reporter over her appearance until the abuse became so over the top that she was forced off air.

“Tacky-a** heels, those are ugly as f***…make your face look a little more appealing,” a protester, who looked like she hadn’t showered in a week, yelled at the reporter while she was on-air.

The leftist abusers hurled sexist insults at the reporter while claiming that the station had reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not be abolished.


In a post on Facebook about the verbal abuse that she was subjected to, the reporter, Genevieve Reaume wrote “instances similar to this forced me off the air this morning. They prevented me from fully doing my job, reporting the facts and giving our community a complete picture of what was happening.”

“Our job is to tell both sides. Just because you don’t agree with a side doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” Reaume wrote.

The footage was posted to KATU’s Facebook page on Thursday.

Protester hurls insults at KATU reporter.

"Tacky-a** heels, those are ugly as f***…make your face look a little more appealing." A protester who became angry with our report on the ICE protest in Southwest Portland hurrled a barrage of insults at one of our journalists, focusing mostly on her outfit and looks, and even forcing her off the air. Read more from Genevieve Reaume – KATU here:

Posted by KATU News on Thursday, June 28, 2018

While doing her live report, a protester confronted Reaume by shoving a cellphone in her face and saying “look at her, she’s reporting the most f*cked up news there is to f*cking report.”

“You stay the snitching little b*tch that you are,” a protester is heard saying on the video. “You in the orange, those shoes are very tacky with that outfit boo-boo, your clunky ass.”

Another protester chimes in saying, “and your eyeliner is clumpy — it looks like a hot mess. Check your makeup before you go out next time, runny.”

“That sh*t looks cheap as f*ck, so does your foundation,” the abuse continues.

The vicious attacks on Reaume’s appearance persisted until she was eventually forced to end her coverage.

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