Pro-Palestine Rally In London Met By “Make Britain Great Again” Counter-Protest (VIDEO)

At the annual Al Quds march/protest/rally, palestinian and hezbollah supporters take to the streets of Londonistan to protest Israel. Al Quds is the Arabic name of Jerusalem. Actual British citizens turn out to protest this, carrying “Make Britain Great Again” banners, and apparently supporting Israel.

Times Of Israel reports:

Some 200 pro-Palestinian protesters and a similar number of pro-Israel counter-demonstrators faced off in London on Sunday, as the former group marked the annual anti-Zionist Quds Day.

The event, which takes place in many cities worldwide, but mainly in Iran and some parts of the Muslim world, is held ostensibly to protest Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, which Palestinians see as their capital in any future peace deal. Quds is Arabic for Jerusalem.

One of the speakers at Sunday’s event was the Anglican Church cleric Stephen Sizer, who in 2015 posted an article to his Facebook page titled, “9/11: Israel did it,” which alleged that the Jewish state was behind the 2001 attacks that killed approximately 3,000 people on the east coast of the United States.

Also spotted in the crowd of anti-Israel protesters were anti-Zionist members of the Jewish ultra-Orthodox community who do not recognize the State of Israel, maintaining that the Jewish state should not exist until the messiah appears.

The flag of the Iran-aligned Lebanese terror group Hezbollah was flown at the protest.

Police said that because British policy only designated the armed wing of Hezbollah as a terror group, and not its political arm, flying the flag was legitimate political expression.

The Jewish Chronicle also reported that London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, subsequently appealed to Home Secretary Sajid Javid to ban Hezbollah’s political wing as well, and to close the legal loophole that enabled people to fly the group’s flag on political grounds.

In years past, the sight of the flag being flown on London’s streets has drawn the ire of the Jewish community and others. Hezbollah is responsible for a string of deadly attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, over the last decades, including the 2012 bombing of a bus of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

Video, courtesy of Ruptly:

Of course wackjob leftist “Press TV UK”, apparently run by muslims, puts out their puff piece criticizing the “zionists and far right groups” who “target” the palestine supporters and making the islamic terror supporters out to be the good guys.


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