DNC Chair Perez Silent as Pres. Trump Rips Dems, Pelosi as ‘MS-13 Lovers’

Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, has been oddly silent as President Donald Trump has tied the Democrats and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to MS-13, the viciously violent transnational criminal gang that maintains its ranks in counties and cities throughout the U.S. by recruiting illegal aliens from Central America.

DNC Chair Tom Perez.

Perez’s silence on MS-13 is likely because he got his start in politics supporting illegal aliens in Montgomery County, Maryland. Perez rose to power in the D.C. suburb and still lives in Montgomery County’s ultra liberal Takoma Park.

Perez’s efforts to turn Montgomery County into a haven for illegal aliens also turned the county into a playground for MS-13. The gang has a large presence, committing heinous rapes and murders while maintaining safe houses in various neighborhoods. One recent MS-13 murder there involved the brutal stabbing, dismemberment, decapitation and cutting out of the heart of a male victim. Another involved the rape and beating with a baseball bat of a 15-year-old girl being sex-trafficked by MS-13.

Perez did not responded when Trump controversially called MS-13 and other violent criminal immigrants “animals” at a May 16 White House meeting on Democrat-run California’s sanctuary policies that protect many MS-13 members from deportation.

Perez maintained his silence as the Republican National Committee released an online ad on Tuesday slamming Democrats as campaigning on the message, “MS-13 killers aren’t so bad.”

And Perez still stayed silent when Trump called Pelosi a “MS-13 lover” at a Nashville rally Tuesday night.

The only mention on Perez’s Twitter feed about Trump going after the MS-13 animals is a retweet with comment by Perez of a comment by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) who mentioned MS-13. Perez did not himself mention MS-13.

“It’s gonna be all MS-13 and Kaepernick all the time because they don’t want to talk about healthcare or their awful tax bill.”

“.@brianschatz is right. Republicans would rather talk about absolutely anything else than acknowledge their policies are hurting everyday Americans and taking our country backward. It stops in November: http://IWillVote.com

There are no mentions of “animals” or MS-13 in recent weeks on the Democrats’ Twitter page.

The Democrats’ Press page shows no personal statements by Perez on Trump’s recent MS-13 attacks on Pelosi and the Democrats. Only one recent release mentions MS-13 in the context of accusing Trump of smearing immigrants.

The Democrats ‘about’ page for Perez proudly mentions hos work with the pro-illegal alien group CASA de Maryland.

The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Tom grew up in Buffalo where he learned the values of a union town: hard work, integrity, service, and perseverance.

After putting himself through college with Pell Grants and working on the back of a garbage truck, Tom passed up offers from white-shoe law firms, instead choosing to start his career as a civil rights attorney for the U.S. Justice Department prosecuting racially motivated hate crimes.

For the past 8 years, Tom had the privilege of serving in President Obama’s administration. First as head of the department’s Civil Rights Division, where he led the charge against police misconduct, voter suppression, anti-LGBT discrimination, and immigrant-bashing sheriffs’ departments. Then as Secretary of Labor, fighting to protect and expand opportunities for America’s working people – from better wages and overtime pay, to retirement security and collective bargaining rights.

But Tom’s strongest roots are in local organizing. In 2002, he became the first Latino elected to the Montgomery County Council. And as board president of CASA de Maryland, Tom helped grow the organization from a small service provider in the basement of a church to one of the largest immigrant advocacy groups in the mid-Atlantic.” (Bold added.)

The Montgomery County Sentinel reported in 2017 about Perez’s rise to power.

Tom Perez’s political career did not begin behind the dais at the County Council building in Rockville, but in the basement of a church in Takoma Park.

…Perez rose from a community activist turned County Council member to a President Obama appointee. Elected as the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee on Feb. 24, Perez is one of the main voices of opposition to President Donald J. Trump.

Perez served one term in the County Council from 2002 to 2006 before being appointed by then Gov. Martin O’Malley to be Maryland’s Secretary of Labor. But Perez’s political rise did not start with the County Council or his appointment to run a state agency, but in the basement of a small non-profit in Takoma Park.

…While many know CASA now as one of the largest immigrant advocacy groups in the state, frequently lobbying on behalf of the large immigrant community in Maryland and the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region, 16 years ago, it was a seven member non-profit organization that met in the basement of Takoma Park Presbyterian Church.

Perez transformed the group from its humble beginnings with seven to nine people meeting in a basement, to a 150-member strong organization spread out over three states with its own headquarters.

Perez, originally from Buffalo and the son of Dominican immigrants, joined CASA in 2001 as a member of the board of directors. At the time, the main mission was to provide services like food and housing to poor immigrants living in the County, but Perez thought CASA could do more — it could get political.

“That is the kind of vision he brought to CASA,” Torres said. “From a traditional non-profit to more of an organization that not only provides services but organizes the community.”
Torres, who sat in the basement board meeting with Perez, credits the organization’s rise to Perez who he said had ambition for the organization to become a political player because immigration was not just a local issue, but a national one.

“We didn’t realize the entire concept of immigration…the entire immigration politics on a national level, all of that was brought in by Tom,” Torres said.

Eventually CASA’s board of directors made Perez its president, where he was able to transform CASA, by bringing on fellow attorneys to represent immigrants, split CASA’s budget in two – one for providing services, one for advocacy – and used his public speaking skills to turn CASA into much more of a local political player…”

End excerpt. Please read complete Sentinel article on Tom Perez at this link.

When will the media ask why Tom Perez is silent on MS-13?

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