MS-13 Dreamers Charged in Brutal Baseball Bat Beating of Sex-Trafficked Girl in Home County of DNC Chairman Tom Perez

Several MS-13 illegal alien gang members in their early twenties were recently arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland for the August 1, 2017 baseball bat beating of an 15 year-old girl for “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute,” according to a report by WJLA-TV. The brutal attack left the girl with “”indented” buttocks, discolored arms and legs, and visible bleeding from the neck down.”

Montgomery County is a wealthy Democratic Party controlled Washington, D.C. suburb that has for decades been pro-illegal immigration.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez , who served as President Obama’s second term Secretary of Labor, rose to power in the early 2000s by advocating for illegal aliens as head of the Montgomery County-based group CASA, an immigrants rights group that supports illegals. Perez parlayed that platform into Democrat Party electoral politics success, getting elected to the Montgomery County Council in 2002. He served four years including two as president. Perez represented the areas of Montgomery County that have been overrun by illegal aliens and MS-13: the 5th District which includes Silver Spring, Kensington, Takoma Park, and Wheaton. The MS-13 safe house where the attack allegedly took place is in the Kensington neighborhood. Perez lives in nearby Takoma Park.

Excerpt from WJLA report:

A female human trafficking victim too young to legally drive a car or buy a lottery ticket, was savagely beaten with a bat by a pack of incensed MS-13 members, Montgomery County Police say.

Late last month, Ivan Alexis Pena-Rodriguez, 20, Yervin Josue Romero-Rivera, 21, and Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, were all formally charged with first-degree assault, plus other assorted criminal counts.

According to court documents obtained by ABC7, Montgomery County authorities served a search and seizure warrant at a suspected MS-13 hangout house along the 11200-block of Valley View Avenue in Kensington, near Albert Einstein High School. As a result of that warrant, an unnamed source told detectives about an incident that left a 15-year-old girl “severely” wounded and bloody.

…The men reportedly took turns whacking the 15-year-old girl’s flailing body — 28 swings in total. Her injuries included an “indented” buttocks, discolored arms and legs, and visible bleeding from the neck down.

…According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera (‘Noctorno’) are in the United States illegally. ICE has submitted immigration detainers with Montgomery County authorities for both men. Court paperwork indicates Pena-Rodriguez was born in El Salvador, but ICE says it cannot publicly share information about the 20-year-old.

Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera (‘Noctorno’) were already in jail awaiting trial for their alleged roles in a string of armed robberies at check cashing businesses across the area. The streak of high-stakes heists ended in November with a police chase along Interstate 495 in College Park that netted five suspects, plus a stockpile of guns and cash.

Violence committed by MS-13 in communities like Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Silver Spring and Wheaton has seen a sharp increase over the last five years in particular…

End excerpt. Please read the complete WJLA report at this link.

Local D.C. news reports are filled with MS-13 criminal activity in Tom Perez’s Montgomery County:

WTOP-FM on February 13:

Four suspected MS-13 members indicted in Montgomery County man’s killing

…A federal grand jury indicted the alleged MS-13 gang members — four men ranging in age from 24 to 31 — in connection with the July 2015 killing of 19-year-old Guillermo Hernandez Leyva.

A grand jury indicted:

Daniel Flores-Ventura (aka “Necio”), 24, of Aspen Hill, Maryland;
Vilas Sail Argueta-Bermudez (aka “Happy,” “Little Happy” and “Enchilada”), 31, of Aspen Hill, Maryland
Willians Ernesto Lovos-Ayala (aka “Tigre”), 25, of Woodbridge, Virginia
Michael Campos-Lemus (aka “Humilde”), 24, of Aspen Hill, Maryland…

The Montgomery County Sentinel, February 16, 2018:

A Montgomery County judge sentenced MS-13 gang member Juan Gutierrez-Vazquez, age 17, to 40 years in prison Feb. 8 for his role in a June 2016 murder that took place in a Gaithersburg park.

“40 years behind bars is a long time for him to think about the crime he has committed but not nearly as long as a lifetime of sorrow that Berta, the mom of Cristian Villagran-Morales has to think about the loss of her son,” said Ramon Korionoff, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney.

Gutierrez-Vazquez, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, had just turned 16 in June 2016 when he joined three other members and associates of Mara Salvatrucha, otherwise known as MS-13, at Gaithersburg’s Malcolm King Park, where they murdered Christian Villagran-Morales.

Prosecutors said MS-13 members from whom Villagran-Morales had bought marijuana mistook him for a rival gang member after the transaction when he flashed a rival gang’s signs…”

The Frederick News Post, February 15, 2018:

MS-13 member pleads guilty to racketeering, murder conspiracy

A Montgomery County MS-13 member has pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges connected to the 2013 murder of a Frederick resident.

Selvin Raymundo Salazar, 26, of Wheaton, pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise. Salazar was among five gang members indicted in connection to the death of 23-year-old Frederick resident Merlin Edjardo Alvarez Garcia.

Salazar reached a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in which he admits to participating in a racketeering conspiracy, including extortion, assault and murder, with the international criminal gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.

…rosecutors believe Salazar was a leader of the Normandie MS-13 clique of which Salgado Machado, Garcia Miranda and Landaverde-Giron are members. Salazar communicated with and received orders from gang leaders in El Salvador.

As a local leader, Salazar ordered and conspired with Maryland-based MS-13 members to commit murder, robbery and extortion, according to court documents.

Alvarez Garcia came to Frederick County from El Salvador to escape gang violence, according to court documents. MS-13 leaders in El Salvador had put out an order for him to be killed…”

The Sentinel reported in 2017 on Perez’s rise to power.

Tom Perez’s political career did not begin behind the dais at the County Council building in Rockville, but in the basement of a church in Takoma Park.

…Perez rose from a community activist turned County Council member to a President Obama appointee. Elected as the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee on Feb. 24, Perez is one of the main voices of opposition to President Donald J. Trump.

Perez served one term in the County Council from 2002 to 2006 before being appointed by then Gov. Martin O’Malley to be Maryland’s Secretary of Labor. But Perez’s political rise did not start with the County Council or his appointment to run a state agency, but in the basement of a small non-profit in Takoma Park.

…While many know CASA now as one of the largest immigrant advocacy groups in the state, frequently lobbying on behalf of the large immigrant community in Maryland and the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region, 16 years ago, it was a seven member non-profit organization that met in the basement of Takoma Park Presbyterian Church.

Perez transformed the group from its humble beginnings with seven to nine people meeting in a basement, to a 150-member strong organization spread out over three states with its own headquarters.

Perez, originally from Buffalo and the son of Dominican immigrants, joined CASA in 2001 as a member of the board of directors. At the time, the main mission was to provide services like food and housing to poor immigrants living in the County, but Perez thought CASA could do more — it could get political.

“That is the kind of vision he brought to CASA,” Torres said. “From a traditional non-profit to more of an organization that not only provides services but organizes the community.”
Torres, who sat in the basement board meeting with Perez, credits the organization’s rise to Perez who he said had ambition for the organization to become a political player because immigration was not just a local issue, but a national one.

“We didn’t realize the entire concept of immigration…the entire immigration politics on a national level, all of that was brought in by Tom,” Torres said.

Eventually CASA’s board of directors made Perez its president, where he was able to transform CASA, by bringing on fellow attorneys to represent immigrants, split CASA’s budget in two – one for providing services, one for advocacy – and used his public speaking skills to turn CASA into much more of a local political player…”

End excerpt. Please read complete Sentinel article on Tom Perez at this link.

President Trump has targeted MS-13 as part of his efforts to fix America’s immigration system.

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