Dershowitz on Cohen Wiretaps: We Are Moving Closer and Closer to the Surveillance State (VIDEO)

Constitutional scholar and attorney Alan Dershowitz delivered a scathing rebuke Thursday of the intelligence community’s wiretaps on President Trump’s personal attorney.

On Thursday NBC reported that the feds were wiretapping Michael Cohen’s phone lines.
Michael Cohen is president Trump’s private attorney.
NBC later updated their story and said Cohen was only monitored and not wiretapped.

The Deep State FBI raided Cohen’s office and home last month.


Dershowitz told the country is moving closer and closer to a surveillance state.
This should frighten every American — but it won’t.

Alan Dershowitz: I think we are moving closer and closer to the surveillance state where phone calls are tapped, where emails are secured without a real basis. Seeking wiretaps on lawyers’ offices and search warrants and subpoenas for lawyers, email files, unless they have very serious evidence of very serious crimes. Campaign contributions don’t qualify for the kind of crime that should justify the wiretapping of a lawyer.

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