BREAKING: Feds Wiretapped Trump Lawyer’s Phone Lines – INCLUDING CALL TO WHITE HOUSE – UPDATED


Feds have reportedly wiretapped Michael Cohen’s phone lines and have intercepted at least one phone call with the White House.

This article was updated to reflect NBC’s correction to their original report feds wiretapped Michael Cohen’s phone lines.

NBC reported:

Federal investigators have wiretapped the phone lines of Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer for President Donald Trump who is under investigation for a payment he made to an adult film star who alleged she had an affair with Trump, according to two people with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

It is not clear how long the wiretap has been authorized, but NBC News has learned it was in place in the weeks leading up to the raids on Cohen’s offices, hotel room, and home in early April, according to one person with direct knowledge.

At least one phone call between a phone line associated with Cohen and the White House was intercepted, the person said.

The Feds raided Michael Cohen’s office and residence in early April at the request of Mueller with Rosenstein’s blessing.

They were looking for dirt on Stormy Daniels and seized records about the “Access Hollywood” tape.

It was also reported taped conversation between Cohen and Trump may have been seized during the raid being that Cohen had the proclivity to tape convos with his clients.

According to NBC, sources close to Giuliani say President Trump made a call to Cohen a few days after the FBI raided the lawyer’s residence and office.

It was during this phone call that Cohen reportedly told Trump not to call him anymore because he feared he was being recorded by prosecutors. 

Update: At 5:15 PM EST, NBC reporter, Ken Dilanian issued a correction to the original Michael Cohen wiretap story.

Ken Dilanian tweeted: NBC News has corrected its story: Michael Cohen’s phones were being monitored by a pen register, not a wiretap, senior U.S. officials say. Pen registers capture “to and from” calling and texting information, but not content.

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