NBC Corrects Michael Cohen Wiretap Story: Feds Monitored “To and From” Calling and Texting Info But Not Content

Media ignited after NBC published an article claiming the Feds wiretapped Michael Cohen’s phone lines and even intercepted at least one phone call with the White House.

WaPo reporter Robert Costa spoke to Giuliani over the phone Thursday for reaction. Giuliani was furious over the NBC report, however; he had his doubts about the validity of he report.

NBC backpedaled and issued a correction.

NBC reporter, Ken Dilanian corrected the record several hours after their initial report that feds wiretapped Michael Cohen’s phone lines and even intercepted a phone call with the White House.

Ken Dilanian tweeted: NBC News has corrected its story: Michael Cohen’s phones were being monitored by a pen register, not a wiretap, senior U.S. officials say. Pen registers capture “to and from” calling and texting information, but not content.

Giuliani had his doubts when speaking to WaPo reporter, Robert Costa and initially said he had not confirmed the wiretaps.

Robert Costa then tweeted: Giuliani to Wash Post: If true, “It’s not appropriate. I mean, he’s a lawyer. You mean, I call up my lawyer and the government is wiretapping him? That’s pretty damn — I mean, they’ve already eviscerated the attorney-client privilege. This would make a mockery of it.”

Interesting how it took hours for NBC to correct their bombshell report.

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