WATCH: Laura Ingraham Blasts Baltimore Mayor for Bussing Students to Gun Protest Amid Deficit and Layoffs

Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid into the Baltimore mayor on Wednesday night for her decision to send 60 buses full of students to an anti-gun protest in DC on the taxpayers dime — despite the fact that the city could not afford to heat their classrooms this winter.

Mayor Catherine Pugh argued that her students fear gun violence, even though Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, so she wanted to help them “have their voices be heard.” She next admitted that “someone” had reached out to her to help get students to the protests, though she did not say who that was.

“Mayor, let’s go through what’s happening in the Baltimore school system — because you are funding 60 busses to go down to the march,” Ingraham began. Pugh interrupted, claiming that there is also private funding. She did specify where the private funding is coming from.

““Let’s go through some statistics,” Ingraham continued.

The Fox News host then detailed how enrollment in the district has fallen to a 10-year low, the $130 million deficit in the school district for this year, the layoffs of 115 staff members, the insufficient heat in classrooms and the $38 million needed for HVAC and other repairs.

“You’re funding buses, in part, to go down to Washington, and yet you have a budget deficit–” Ingraham said.

Pugh refused to allow Ingraham to speak, continuously ranting over her. She initially denied that there is a budget deficit, claiming that she thought Ingraham meant for the entire city. The host quickly corrected her.

“Are you concerned about the fact that 13 of the 19 Baltimore high schools have 0% of students that are meeting grade level proficiency in math?” Ingraham asked. “Isn’t that a bigger problem that training student activists?”


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