Antifa Blames TRUMP SUPPORTERS For Truck Collision

Gateway Pundit brought you the story Saturday of a truck plowing into a masked antifa hoodlum who was running across a bridge in Portland. Now, antifa members, using the facebook page “Refuse Fascism PDX“, have tried to blame the Trump supporters for the incident. It turns out the self identified communist was armed with a knife.

The person (we’re not sure what gender this person identified as, assuming they identify as a person) doing their best Neo impersonation from The Matrix took to the “Refuse Fascism PDX” page to give their account of what happened:

“Patriot Prayer pushed me into the street and I had no choice but to run, was smacked by a truck retreating from mace and a lot of huge Proud Boys, just minutes after we expressed our leftist views, we were being pursued by the very people that just claimed to be about peace. They were smiling and cheering it and you’ll see when the footage surfaces that they essentially force me out onto the streets. I have been demasked by Portland police under threat of arrest. Here is a photo of the injuries.”

(Note the pink panties. Perhaps a clue about the person’s gender?)


There’s just one problem with this person’s (?) account; That’s not how it happened. Courtesy of CSC Media Groups:

Armed Antifa runs into freeway in Portland on Saturday, right into oncoming  traffic and gets hit.  The person is claiming that they were “pushed”, but the video evidence shows that didn’t happen.

The armed Antifa member, who had stalked and was harassing the Patriot Prayer Rally for Jesus,  ran into the freeway in Portland on Saturday, with the dark glasses, hood and mask, directly into the traffic without looking.  They were hit. Hard.

You can hear the person hit saying, “I was confronting White Supremacists and they charged us, so I ran across the street.  The car didn’t have enough time to stop.  It wasn’t their fault.”

Here’s the video of how it actually went down, courtesy of Common Sense Conservative (CSC Media) and Just In Media:

Knowing they were caught in a bold faced lie, the “Refuse Fascism PDX” page admins removed the previous post with the picture of the injuries and erroneous account of what didn’t happen, and they posted an updated statement:

“A post was made today blaming Patriot Prayer for the injury that an activist took at today’s Christian March.

After reviewing the video evidence, we do not find Patriot Prayer / Joey Gibson accountable for the accident. It was very unfortunate that it occurred either way. We wish our comrade a swift recovery.”

One can only imagine what kind of internal conflicts are now brewing within that “organization”, as I’m sure the person (?) who ran into the street and got hit is butthurt (pun intended) that the other page admins removed their post. Surely someone feels oppressed.

A longer version of the incident can be seen on the Just In Media channel:

Another video, from Airliner World & More, picks up a different angle, starting at the 6:48 marker, and you can hear the person (?) ramble on about how they were “confronting white supremacists. They charged us”:

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