VIDEO=> Antifa Commie HIT BY TRUCK At Portland Protest

An antifa agitator who had been spouting off about virtues of communism while counter-protesting a pro-Trump “March For Jesus” in Portland, Oregon, was run over by a small pickup truck. The unidentified, uhh, person (gender unclear) apparently had some kind of weapon, as you can hear some of the pro Trump command the person (?) to get rid of their weapon. The communist then bolts across the Hawthorne bridge, only to be HIT SQUARE ON by a pickup truck, who had just emerged beyond the trusses of the bridge, and was likely unable to see the person (?) running through the road.

Earlier in the counter-protest, this person is heard saying “So them, going around, pushing their Christianity on people who aren’t even necessarily Christian, their obsession with their holiday, their obsession with freedom of speech, marks that they want to hurt people!” in reference to the pro-Trump Christians.

Meanwhile, his/her comrade, known only as “Nick”, takes to the megaphone shouting “Communism will win! That’s not a joke! That will happen! Because we must go down to single class society! After capitalism, in its late stages, as it is right now, we will move down to a one class system called communism! Democratic and anarchist communism will be the ideology of the future!”


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