REPORT: 88-Year-Old Conyers Won’t Run For Re-election In 2018

The controversy surrounding Michigan Rep. John Conyers has reached a boiling point this week as former staff members accuse him of sexual harassment.

At the start of the week, Conyers stepped down as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. This was after Conyers confirmed paying a sexual harassment settlement in 2015, but still denied any wrongdoing. The 2015 settlement was a whopping $27,000 paid for out of Conyer’s congressional office budget.

Local 4, a Detroit-based news station, reported late last night that – according to their sources – Conyers won’t seek re-election in 2018.

Even if these rumors are true, it simply isn’t enough. Although Conyers has steadfastly denied any allegations of wrongdoing, the fact that he paid out a $27K settlement is real evidence of inappropriate behavior on his part. Yes, it’s great that potentially after the 2018 elections, Conyers will fade away and no longer represent the public but…

The $27,000 paid out from Conyer’s congressional office budget means the settlement was footed by taxpayers!

That, in itself, is abjectly immoral. If Conyers truly represented and fought for his constituents in Congress, he wouldn’t use them as a bank fund for his illicit and lewd misdeeds.


Therefore, we must not abate the fire and continue to push for Conyer’s resignation.

Conyers has utterly failed Michigan. Detroit has crumbled to ruins under his watch and Dearborn Heights, which he also represents, has seen massive numbers of Arab immigrants resettle and Islamicize the city. 

There’s no doubt Conyers is feeling the heat but retiring is simply not enough – after his abhorrent abuses of justice, the only option for this disgraced Swamp creature is to resign. 

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