GROSS. Ex-Conyers Aide Admits ‘Most of Us’ Have Seen Him in His Underwear

Democrat pervert John Conyers is under siege after being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. 

Conyers subsequently stepped down from his position as top member of the House Judiciary Committee.

After stepping down, the embroiled lawmaker lashed out at Mike Cernovich for handing over the damning documents to Buzzfeed to be published.

As previously reported by Buzzfeed:

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.”

Buzzfeed also reported that staffers were tasked with flying women in for Conyers using Congressional resources!

Former employees also said that Conyers made it very clear that if they performed ‘personal favors’ it would lead to salary increases and promotions. It was well known Conyers was having affairs with multiple female staffers. He often made sexual advances towards women and grew angry if they brought their husbands around.

Shortly thereafter, a high profile DC lawyer named Melanie Sloan came forward and said John Conyers harassed and abused her while she worked on Capitol Hill.

Sloan also said Conyers summoned her to his office while he was in his underwear.

She wasn’t the only female to see Conyers in his underwear; apparently everyone was used to it!


CNN reported:

A former top communications aide to Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan offered a defense of his former boss amid Tuesday growing allegations of sexual harassment, saying it wasn’t uncommon for staffers to accidentally see the congressman in his underwear.

“Something else that people need to know: his closet is in his office right here. He changes clothes in his office. Most of us have walked in on him accidentally without knocking and have seen him in his underwear. Big deal. That’s where his closet is, he changes his clothes there. So to say that somebody came to a meeting and that’s how it was, that’s an untrue statement. That is the kind of thing that needs to be explored before there’s any acceptance to that kind of an allegation,” Weiner said, later clarifying that all members of Congress have closets in their offices.

If Conyers had to change clothes in his office, then perhaps he should have locked his door until he was fully dressed like any other reasonable human being would.

This isn’t a defense. There is no reason why a woman, or anyone for that matter should see their boss or another man at work in their underwear.

If anything, this further proves how utterly arrogant Conyers is. Like every other politician drunk on power, he doesn’t have boundaries and believes he is entitled to do whatever he wishes.

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