Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama’s Illegal Spying Is Uncovered

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Mueller Investigation is Getting Desperate to Find A Crime, Any Crime.

As more information comes out about the illegal spying by the Obama Administration, Mueller is under more and more pressure to find or make up a crime related to President Trump.

It is time to deal with the corruption and criminal conduct in the Department of Justice, Criminal Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and shut down the criminal and corrupt Mueller investigation.

Americans during the election demanded the future President deal with the corruption and criminal conduct in Washington DC. President Trump’s rally participants chanted : “Drain the Swamp” at nearly every rally.

and “Lock Her Up”

It’s amazing that the most important and emotional demands that Americans wanted from this President when he was campaigning were captured in these two slogans!

All Americans knew that Hillary Clinton was given a pass by the MSM, FBI and DOJ for receiving money for providing uranium to Russia.  She was guilty of mishandling emails and destroying evidence related to her illegal email account.  And now we know that President Obama helped her campaign by spying on the Trump team during the election and after his election win.  Obama’s years in office boiled over with corruption.

Former Clinton aide Dick Morris told the Gateway Pundit that the CIA is currently running a coup d’état against President Trump as if tanks were rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Listen to the full interview below:

The FBI and DOJ under President Obama were transformed into corrupt organizations. How else could Obama get away with so much crime, corruption and lies?

The corrupt individuals leading these formerly proud institutions must be removed and brought to justice.

Dick Morris suggests that President Trump open an investigation on the Mueller investigation.

Mueller’s investigation is a farce and now  Clarice Feldman at American Thinker reports that Mueller’s team is getting desperate to find any crime related to Trump:

I agree with Daniel Greenfield. Based on what I’ve read and observed, while the initial surveillance was to stop Trump and help Clinton, Obama used FISA to provide a “national security” cover for politically spying on Trump right up to the inauguration. As he notes, the first 2016 application was made the month after Trump obtained the nomination and the second in October, the month before the election.

As the unmasking picked up pace after the election, the reasonable assumption is that its purpose was to undo the results of the election or hamstring the incoming President.

Now Obama and his allies are or should be terrified that the scope of the illegal surveillance is revealing their criminal acts.

This is why I believe Mueller is growing increasingly desperate to find one crime by one person he can force by threat of jail to provide any shred of anything that might be used to justify their illegal espionage. Greenfield’s conclusion is apt: “The left is sitting on the biggest crime committed by a sitting president. The only way to cover it up is to destroy his Republican successor. A turning point in history is here. If Obama goes down, the left will go down with him. If his coup succeeds, then America ends.”

The current US Attorney General is either over his head or part of the swamp. He recused himself from the phony Russia scandal and left our President open for attack. He’s the man in charge when the FBI recently declined a request for information related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation. He let crooked IRS officials walk after targeting thousands of conservative Americans. Sessions should either address the corruption in his shop or the President should find someone who will.

It’s time to bring Mueller, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA and former President Obama and his corrupt and criminal teams to justice.


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