Attorney Clevenger: FBI Does Not Want People to Know How Badly They Covered up Hillary Clinton Scandal (VIDEO)

The FBI has denied lawyer Ty Clevenger’s request to obtain documents related to Hillary Clinton’s email probe in late August.

The bureau said in rejecting an open-records request there was a “lack of public interest” in the documents on the former US presidential candidate.

On Thursday attorney Ty Clevenger joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the developing FBI scandal.

Clevenger says the FBI is trying to cover its own rear-end on their handling of the Clinton investigation.

Ty Clevenger: Originally I thought there was some Obama holdover in the FBI that was trying to cover this up. But as you know last week Senator Graham and Senator Grassley released a letter indicating that the former FBI Director James Comey had already decided to exonerate Mrs. Clinton before she was even interviewed. And so at this point I believe the FBI is trying to cover its own rear-end. I think they know this thing is going to look terrible for them. They deep-sixed this. They white-washed it. And they don’t want the documents coming out showing how badly they covered it up

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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