TGP Interviews Dick Morris: CIA Running a Coup d’état Against President Trump (AUDIO)

The Gateway Pundit spoke with political author and former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris about his new book Rogue Spooks.

Morris said the CIA is running a coup d’état against President Trump as if tanks were rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue.

TGP founder Jim Hoft and Associate Editor Cristina Laila spoke with Dick Morris about the intel-media complex that is fiercely working to take down President Trump. Obama holdovers embedded in the Trump administration are anonymously leaking information to news outlets which is creating a toxic environment for Trump by putting him on the defense.

“This is a full-fledged coup d’état-very much as if there were tanks rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’ve never had anything like that in our country, but other countries have,” Morris began.

Morris explains that the method of the intel-media complex is always the same. They start with a piece of disinformation, leak it to the media, blow it out of proportion, put the President on the defensive then broaden the accusation to show the President to be incompetent and unreliable.

“(CIA John) Brennan and (AG Eric) Holder transferred almost 1,000 people from political jobs to to civil service jobs so they could not be fired and thus be protected and completely free to leak their heads off,” Morris said.

Morris describes the panic that spread inside of the DNC when Trump actually became the GOP nominee after not being taken seriously for months. This is when the ‘Russian hacking’ narrative was hatched by Podesta.

The debunked ‘Russian dossier’ was then compiled in order to defame Trump and further push the Russian hoax.

The dossier was then passed on to Comey. Morris suggests that the FBI and CIA could perhaps be behind the anonymous sources that created the phony dossier.

McCain’s involvement in pushing the dossier up the chain of commands is incredible.

The Russian dossier created a daisy chain of events which led to FISA warrants, Comey leaking, Comey getting fired which ultimately prompted Special Counsel Mueller to investigate the Trump administration.

Morris says the ultimate goal is to have Trump impeached and ousted.

Listen to the full interview below:


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