#VeryFakeNews CNN Finds Far-Fetched Pretext to Fire Conservative Trump Supporter Jeffrey Lord

Yesterday, the #VeryFakeNews network whose face in the White House is Jim Acosta pretended to be triggered and just plain “shocked, shocked” when “house conservative” commentator Jeffrey Lord facetiously used a phrase popularized by the National SOCIALIST (oftened shorted as “Nazi”) Party in Germany in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Lord made an obviously sarcastic tweet saying “Sieg Heil!” (in conjunction with the commonly accepted term “grammar nazi”) during a Twitter back-and-forth with Media Matters president and left-wing activist Angelo Carusone in which Carusone corrected Lord’s spelling.

Media Matters has many times called for the firing of Lord, who has in the past accused Media Matters of fascism.

Media Matters received a $1 million donation in the past from George Soros, who, despite being born into a Jewish family, was a collaborator with the National Socialists during the Holocaust.

“Grammar nazi” is a commonly-used term that only tends to offend those who go through life looking to be offended, much as the term “Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld was not considered particularly offensive.

Seinfeld‘s “Soup Nazi” (played by Larry Thomas)

Numerous reactions from right-of-center individuals popular on Twitter could be characterized as “outraged … but what the hell do you expect from #VeryFakeNews CNN?!”


Former CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord spoke to Steve Malzberg on Thursday about North Korea, among other things, and Lord thinks that Trump’s critics in Washington should take a look at history before casting judgement on his tough talk and rhetoric.


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