VIDEO=> Antifa Gets BEAT DOWN In Portland

Portland based Patriot Prayer, a PRO TRUMP group, held another freedom march at Portland’s waterfront on Friday, June 30th.

The facebook event page described the event as “March on the Waterfront in downtown Portland with a small amount of speeches to promote freedom and courage. Fear will not silence Americans in these liberal strong holds. Please bring your best behavior. Meet at the Salmon Street Springs. This will be Patriot Prayers last event until August. Salmon Springs meet up spot!.

The usual communist counter protesters showed up to incite violence. Only things didn’t quite as the “antifa” bunch had planned. Watch as they get beat down!

Video courtesy of the Stumptown Matters channel on YouTube:

Notice the dread headed hippie who tries to tell the very large man known as “TINY” to back down. What’s that kid gunna do, burn sage until Tiny vomits?

Patriot Prayer is the same group that held the rally on June 4th that drew hundreds of attendees and thousands of counter protesters, many of which carried illegal weapons and engaged in violence.


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