Portland Police Confiscate Road Flares, Brass Knuckles, Knives and Sticks from Leftists at Violent Antifa Protest

Portland Antifa leftists hurled bottles and bricks at Portland police today at their counter protest against free speech.

Police confiscated road flares, brass knuckles, knives and sticks from the Antifa protesters.

The dueling protests in Portland kicked off to an exciting start. Police rushed into the anarchist crowd to start confiscating possible weapons and making arrests.

There were reports that the protesters were tossing used tampons and bags of crap at the officers.

In one park the Trump supporters gathered for their free speech rally. In the other park and along the sidewalks were the counter protesters, made up of various anarchists, “antifa”, illegal alien supporters, and other communist sympathizers.


Police confiscated knives and brass knuckles.

The officers also confiscated bags of dynamite from the leftist protesters.

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