MUST SEE=> Jim Hoft COMES OUT, GOES OFF, Takes On Gay Leaders For Idiotic Attacks on DONALD TRUMP

Conservative blogger Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss the #Pulse Club Massacre and Barack Obama’s shameful response to the Islamist attack.

Jim Hoft came out earlier today as a gay conservative on after the Islamist massacre at Pulse nightclub.
Hoft supports Donald Trump for president.

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Jim Hoft: Barack Obama just can’t admit it’s radical Islam. It’s shocking to me. His policies allow for collateral damage of innocent Americans like the 50 or 49 gay men who was slaughtered in the Pulse nightclub on Saturday night. He’s unwilling to change. It infuriates me. We need a leader who’s going to address the issue, not talk about gun control. But talk about radical Islam. I believe the only person who is speaking that way and who has been is Donald Trump. And it’s disgusting what the Democratic party is doing right now. I’m shocked and that’s why I came out. I couldn’t stay quiet any longer Steve. These Democrats, Steve, we are going to see more dead bodies, more dead mothers, babies and dead gays in nightclubs until they WAKE UP!

Hoft then responded to Chad Griffin, the President of the Human Rights Campaign who lashed out at Donald Trump after 50 gays were slaughtered in a nightclub by an ISIS killer.

Jim Hoft: What an idiot.There’s 50 gay men dead in a nightclub, bloody on the floor and this idiot is defending Islam. He obviously has no clue on the situation. He shouldn’t be speaking to reporters because he makes an absolute fool out of himself. Is he not aware that they are throwing gays off the roofs in Syria, in Iraq? This idiot should apologize immediately. That was one of the dumbest statements I’ve heard in years.

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On the prospect for Donald Trump this fall with gay voters:

Jim Hoft: Steve, I’ve always been pro-life. I saw friends of mine die in the 80s. Get sick and die from AIDS. I believe this weekend really triggered some of that emotion in me. And I just don’t want to see anymore gays die, Steve. I don’t want to see it happen. And that’s why Donald Trump needs to be president because these crazy loons can’t even admit there is a problem with radical Islam.

VIa Newsmax TV:

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