Washington Post Writer PUSHES SOCIALISM

The Washington Post used to be a place for serious political journalism but has become extremely left wing. The editors endorsed Obama in both of the last presidential elections. How has that worked out?

Now they’re publishing explicit advocacy for Socialism:

Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way.

Capitalism is a coercive economic system that creates persistent patterns of economic deprivation.

Governments have typically dealt with capitalism’s more misery-inducing tendencies by creating institutions of labor protection — such as the right to organize unions — and by building out modern welfare states. Although these policy programs have been fairly successful, especially in the countries that have pushed them the furthest, they have not fully eliminated coercion and deprivation. To secure freedom and prosperity for all, it may ultimately be necessary to supplement the welfare state with a universal basic income — a program that would provide all citizens with a basic level of financial support, regardless of whether they’re employed.

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Twitchy rounded up some reactions to this column:


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