Rolling Stone took advantage of Obama’s recent trip to Alaska to interview him about climate change and presents the issue like a matter of national security. It’s pure leftist propaganda.

Rolling Stone even calls this Obama’s Climate Crusade:

Watch President Obama Discuss His Climate Crusade

This exclusive video takes you behind the scenes of Goodell’s interview and Obama’s tour of Alaska.

“President Obama’s trip to Alaska marked the last big push of his presidency; the last big thing he wants to accomplish, I think, is to get something done on climate,” says Goodell. “The world is really looking towards him for leadership on this. I think that he understands that. I think that climate is the one big thing where he hasn’t done what he wanted to do.”

He goes on, “It’s not often that the president devotes as much time as he gave to us…. It was an actual conversation. I really got to drill down with him into a single issue, and his own personal feelings about the loss that climate change is bringing to the natural world.”

As part of that conversation, Goodell asks the president, “Doesn’t it scare the shit out of you sometimes?”

“Part of my job is to read stuff that terrifies me all the time,” Obama responds.

Watch the video:


James Delingpole of Breitbart provides some sane commentary on this:

Crusade? I thought that word was on the presidential banned list on account of its being offensive to followers of the Religion of Peace (TM)

Apparently, though, climate change is so incredibly important that it trumps any of that minor-league rape, crucifixion and enslavement stuff going on in Syria and Iraq right now.

“This is the beginning of a very long war, a very long fight,” Goodell tells us to the accompaniment of brooding electronic music and footage of Obama on his trip to Alaska gazing wistfully at a melting glacier. “In the future every US president is going to have to become a climate warrior.”

Goodell goes on to ask possibly the silliest, most hysterical and embarrassing question Obama has been asked during his two terms as president. It reflects badly on Goodell’s credulousness. But it reflects even more badly on the President himself, who would most certainly have vetted it in advance.

What Goodell wants to know, on behalf of Rolling Stone readers, is how the president “decides how much truth to tell the American public about climate change and how much he feels it’s his job to inspire people and how much he withholds some of the truth because if they knew what we were really facing it would be too much for them to bear.”


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