Terrific. Iranian Regime Promises to Buy and Sell Weapons Around the World

Abbas Araghchi
Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi

In the latest blow to the Obama administration the Iranian regime promised to buy and sell weapons around the world.

Abbas Araghchi told reporters the US should expect no change in the policies of the Islamist regime.
The Daily Mail reported:


A top Iranian politician who led the recent historic talks with Western leaders over the country’s nuclear ambitions has vowed to continue buying and selling arms around the world, it is claimed.

In the latest embarrassing blow to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who presided over the talks in Vienna, Abbas Araghchi insisted that Iran would refuse to be shackled by nuclear deal.

According to the CIA’s Open Source Center, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister has told state television that that he’d insisted the deal continued to allow Iran to ‘buy weapons from wherever possible’ as well as to ‘provide weapons to whomever and whenever it considers appropriate’.

Araghchi’s worrying claims come just one day after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest religious authority, told supporters that nuclear deal would not change Iran’s policy towards the ‘arrogant’ U.S. – comments Kerry admitted were ‘very disturbing’.

Araghchi’s show of defiance came on Iranian state television in comments that were translated into English and made public by the CIA’s Open Source Center.

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