ANGRY RACISTS Wave Black Nationalist Flag While Burning US Flag (Video)

Not everyone was promoting love and forgiveness in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend.
black nationalist flag rally
Race haters burn the US flag while waving the black nationalist flag in Charleston on Sunday.

One group of agitators waved the black nationalist flag at a Sunday rally.

Of course, professional race agitator Deray McKesson was at the event and posted the Vine video.

If you pause and screenshot, at least one of the flags DeRay’s crowd is waving is a black nationalist Pan-African flag.
black nationalist flag charleston

Yup. That’s definitely the Pan-African or Black Liberation flag.
black nationalist flag

That mentality and its supporters played a role in Ferguson too. So, a white nationalist attacks and murders nine people, the victims’ family and church embrace love, forgiveness and unity, so DeRay and his race mob bring disruption and black nationalism?!

As some have said on Twitter, seems like DeRay shares Dylann’s hope of fomenting a race war.

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