PROFESSIONAL RACE AGITATOR Deray McKesson Goes to Charleston – Is Told to Hit the Road

Professional activist Deray McKesson went to Charleston, South Carolina this week to foment hate.
In his wake McKesson leaves behind him the smoldering remains of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

Since August Deray has helped organize violent protest movements in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Milwaukee, McKinney and now Charleston, South Carolina.

This weekend the mob once again vandalized property, burnt Confederate flags and promoted racial hatred.


But this time it was different.
This time activists told him to hit the road.

Deray Mckesson Goes To Charleston… – because professional race hustlers gotta pay the bills

Nobody wants him there.

The citizens of Charleston are singing and praying together instead of breaking things and hurting people. No wonder @deray is so angry.

To @deray, this isn’t about Charleston healing. It’s about himself. It’s always about himself… and his wallet.

Locals want the race baiters to go home.

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