#FERGUSON Protesters Accept “Donations” While Mike Brown’s Grave Remains Unmarked

Amid calls for the officer to receive the death penalty, awards and talk show appearances, marches, a brawl and a trip to Geneva decrying his body on the street for four hours, it seems no one took the time to get a headstone for Michael.
Meanwhile those out in the streets protesting, the ones that claim they care the most about Mike Brown are soliciting donations via Paypal, Amazon Wish Lists and Wedding Registry’s. Some asking on a daily basis for money for food, bail, equipment and supplies. Yet none of them have used ANY of those funds to get a proper headstone for Mike Brown.
(Picture taken 11-23-2014 by V. Maggio)
It goes to show that the majority of those protest leaders don’t give two craps about Mike Brown. They are all about blowing up their own name and filling up their own pockets.
Shame on them.

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