Three Months Later – Still No Headstone on Mike Brown’s Grave

Three months later and there’s still no headstone.
brown casket

Amid calls for the officer to receive the death penalty, awards and talk show appearances, marches, a brawl and a trip to Geneva decrying his body on the street for four hours, it seems no one took the time to get a headstone for Michael.
CNN reported:

I follow the footprints to a small bouquet of plastic flowers, red and purple, planted in the ground.

There is not yet a headstone at Brown’s grave. I stand where Brown’s parents wailed as their son’s casket was lowered on August 25 into a copper vault. Sixteen days before, he had been shot dead by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

One minute, the 18-year-old stood 6 feet 4. The next, he fell to the ground on Canfield Drive. His blood colored the dull asphalt.

His name is a generic rallying cry for hate and rage, but is no longer attached to the young man himself.

How sad and illuminating. It’s not about him. It’s never been about him.

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